It’s that time New Years Resolutions!!So this year change it up a bit how about making this year a more fulfilling and happier year?

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Happy New Year every one!!!!!

Well this is the right time to set off on the right foot so lets change it up a bit stop obsessing over resolutions that we won’t keep up and will not propel any changes to our lives. I propose that we make 2012 a more fulfilling and happier year. I think that just implementing a few changes and adding some behavior changes we can actually accomplish our resolutions ( I like to call them goals which have a deadline). The following is my plan for my personal goals for 2012 to make this year even better than the last one which was fabulous.

  1. Feed your inner me, think about your ego give your self props for all that you have accomplish this will always boost your spirits and give you a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. I think reflecting on what you have achieved the goals you have already accomplish will give your more strength to keep accomplishing and making new goals. Remember this is about building yourself concentrating in all the good that you have done for others for your self for the world. Write down all your accomplishments even those small ones that would not matter remember they do matter you made them a reality so give your self credit for surviving what ever situation you did.
  2.  Prepare your self remember this is the time for you to set realistic goals.So this step is super important so think about, if you need to write it down do it I believe that writing down your goals setting dates that these goals will become reality is extremely important and powerful. So I create visual journals using images and words to make my dreams ( goals) materialize and this is a constant reminder of what I want to attain and make it a reality. This will give you a sense of direction basically a map to your destination ( ie your goal) which is important remember those that succeed are those you know where they are going and know what they want. I always see my goals or dreams as if they were my children I take care of them I nurture them and I always remember them and I want them to come true so take care of your dreams ( goals).
  3. I believe in energy either positive or negative so remember who you surround your self is very important. This change is harder because it consist in keeping out people who suck the good or positive energy in your life. So just remember surround your self with positive people who feed your energy and keep those that are negative out. Remember live from the inside out not for the outside in.
  4. The next phase is another key to discovering yourself this is about finding your passion or passions things that move you that are meaningful and that separate you from your daily job or tasks. This discovering is about spending time with yourself and finding things that are meaningful that enrich your life that provide an escape from the daily grind.
  5. The final step to securing this year will be even better than the last one is to take RESPONSIBILITY for your decision-making and understanding that your choices have led you to where you are at currently and the most important thins is that THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN NOT CHANGE IF YOU WANT TO SEE THAT CHANGE BECOME REALITY. Remember you are the captain of your ship called life you can change your direction at any given time it takes courage to take responsibility for your choices and your are a courageous spirit your just need to be awaken from your sleep.

Well I hope that these thought help you reach a better place in your life and make 2012 a more fulfilling and happier year of your life. Remember the best is still to come and never look back live today as if today was all you have.




One thought on “It’s that time New Years Resolutions!!So this year change it up a bit how about making this year a more fulfilling and happier year?

  1. I love it, specially the piece on being a courages spirit and needing to wake up. In deed passion for what we do, who we are and our dreams a great way to start the year! very proud of you baby sister….!

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