Celebrated Chinese New Year a couple of days ago and here are some collages with the food and family had a great time!





Korean BBQ adventures we found Jang Soo Korean BBQ in Gardena, Ca!

The food was amazing, the cut of beef was soooooo good, and the service was good and they were tentative of us and their other customers. I enjoyed the food the sides were the as many and variety as other places but the quality of there meat was superior so I was also happy about the price which has a $17.99 to $24.99 (the better quality meat is higher price) but worth it!! So if you guys are in Gardena and looking for some good Korean BBQ hit Jang Soo Korean BBQ!!! If you like octopus I totally suggest you have it here it’s marination is yummy!!

I created a couple collages of our night with food shots as well as family images!! Hope you enjoy them!!





The Boat Sushi & Thai Cuisine

The Boat Sushi & Thai Cuisine is located in El Segundo and has a great menu the features Thai Cuisine and they offer a check-in offer of 1 free order of ademame!!!

I enjoyed the combination of sushi and Thai food which I simply love!!! The restaurant is clean the staff although mot super friendly are attentive and are able to help you order some thing tasty and not to spicy! They also have happy hour 2 bucks all draft beer and 2 bucks sake shots and even better 3 bucks sake bombs!!!!

We order several plates as always we hit the menu hard!!!
My super favorites!!!
The love potion which is simply divine super good it has all components sweet, crunchy, spicy, and includes a touch of raw ( tuna) cooked Shrimp tempura and salmon roe, and finally mango!!! So yummy!!!!!

Their Thai food is great as well and my favorite moo yang ( BBQ pork) with a special lemon and chili sauce!!!

They are worth the drive so if you are cursing by El Segundo stop by!!!
They are located at

150 S Sepulveda Blvd. Ste D & E
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 524-9297




I found a new Thai place that is fantastic all dishes are $5 bucks!!! Vilay’s Special Thai Restaurants in Gardena!!

This Restaurant has parking plenty of seating and the most fantastic thing is that all dishes are just $5 BuCKS yeah your heard me or read me just $5 BuCKS yeah baby!! That’s not the best thing well they have dessert and fresh coconuts!! So yummy!!!
They are located in Gardena:

Vilay’s Special Restaurant
1130 Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 532-3315

So if you guys are around Gardena check it out it’s really tasty, fresh, clean and no pork if any one out there is allergic or does not like pork this could the right place for you. I enjoyed the food although I love the piggy I was happy with the food the fast and the service, I found the staff to be friendly and attentive although they were busy both times I had dinner!!

My hit list
1. Pad Thai ( do chicken or shrimp)
2. Pad see ew ( chicken)
3. Spring egg rolls
4. Crispy chicken with basil and chili sauce
5. Angle Wings
6. Thai steak with a side of chili sauce sooooo good but spicy ( but its in the side) so order it and of course don’t forget the steam rice which is served in this beautiful little silver bowls.

Enjoy I hope you like the photo collages!!



Bangkok Grill a new little place I found for great and affordable Thai food!! A must if you are around Hawthorne area!!

Well I found another great little place for really good food and of course I found it thanks to Yelp ( did I mention I love Yelp) well I do!! The place is called Bangkok Grill and they are a hole in the wall a very tiny Little place I counted around 4 tables but don’t let their size fool you the place is fairly new establish less than a year but has a great menu very extensive , very clean and service was really good!
My hit list:
1. The avocado egg rolls just divine heavenly for all you avocado lovers this is the appetizer for you!
2. The Pad See ew chicken ( flat noodle with broccoli and any meat you like we like pork,or chicken)
3. Penang red curry ( typically very spicy coconut based curry made any meat we had pork)
4.Tom yum Kung soup ( normally a sea food soup with chile and lemon and cilantro as well as veggies)
5.thai spicy beef salad ( one of my favorite done a dressing of chillies and lemon the beef is grilled and topped with cilantro green onion and peanuts)
6.Crunchy fried banana and vanilla ice cream ( such a good dessert and as you can see they sever a ton it was basically an egg roll stuffed with bananas and fried then topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup) very yummy!!

Well that’s it’s I hope you enjoy the pics and if you are near Hawthorne visit Bangkok Grill you won’t be disappointed!!!You can Yelp them and read more reviews!!

They are located at:
12929 Hawthorne Blvd
Ste 109
Hawthorne, CA 90250

(310) 355-0700





El Pollo Inka in lawndale for dinner we simply love Peruvian food!

Went to dinner at el pollo Inka great food and good service, will add more pics later!! If you are looking for something different and are by lawndale California stop by, yelp them so you can read some reviews!! Totally worth the drive!!

This is my list of favorites:
1. Lomo saltado
2. Chaufa de camarones best fried rice
3. Camarones al Ajo
4. Ceviche mixto and ceviche de pescado
5. Picarones ( friend little donuts look a likes)
6. Inka cola ( their coca cola)

They are located in Lawndale
15400 Hawthorne Blvd.
Lawndale, CA 90260
(310) 676-6665